What a Fool Believes

We are living in a moment in time in which perception has truly become reality, defying truth in the minds of many.  Even as we see disinformation confronted but not destroyed and lies exposed but still believed, I find myself wondering why this is so.  We know that the Word has warned us that the time would come when men would not accept wise counsel or heed sound doctrine.

I am personally a believer in profound messages found in unexpected places.  One of those places is music, much of it secular.  If I had closed my mind to this music, I would never have heard “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holliday or witnessed the genius of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye.  But today I find a simple phrase in a song meant to be anything but profound by The Doobie Brothers to offer an explanation for the crazed beliefs and actions of those we think should know better.

I hear Michael McDonald’s richness tell us “what a fool believes, he sees”.  Whew!  Then he goes on to tell us, “No wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be”.  Well…

In Hebrews, we are told that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”.  So the key seems to be what a person puts their faith in.  If they put their faith in the Word of Truth, then truth will guide what they believe.  On the other hand, if they put their faith in a false narrative  like white supremacist thinking or they adopt a belief system driven by an evil demagogue, then what they begin to see and act on is blatantly false and ultimately evil.  What a fool believes, he sees.

No matter that every day it becomes more apparent that the increasing trend toward a destructive and disruptive is being disputed by men and women of good will.  No matter that this pattern is antithetical to what is supposed to be a democratic republic.  No matter that those who profess Christianity are aligning themselves with ideas and actions that reflect the spirit of the Antichrist rather than The Christ. What a fool believes, he sees.  And NO wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be.

Funny (not ha ha) how a simple phrase can be pregnant with so much meaning.  Amazing how, during times of reflection, a simple truth can illuminate the thought process.  Key word being TRUTH.  That’s what sets us free and keeps us from becoming that fool who no wise man can instruct.

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