The Big Lie

We ponder in amazement how a large number of American citizens can actually believe what we are calling “the big lie” about the 2020 election, and the crazy conspiracy theories that are fueling the madness we call politics.  But in reality this cultural phenomenon is rooted in the Original Lie on which this country was founded and its practice of the Original Sin.

An erudite writer by the name of Tim Wise took a hammer to this lie on Joy Reid’s program.  He spoke a truth that clears up the matter once and for all.  I have challenged the notion  of American Exceptionalism as “Anglo-Saxon Exceptionalism, but he put the nail in the coffin as he explained that the Second Amendment was formed because the white men who drafted it wanted to have as many guns as they could to stifle any insurrections by those they had oppressed.  They were terrified of a violent revolution or uprising by slaves or indigenous people.  They had robbed indigenous people of their land and relegated them to reservations.  They had reduced the humanity of African peoples to three fifths of a human being and used them as slave labor.  When you think about it, they had ample reason to be afraid of a revolt.  So arming themselves adequately gave them a sense of security.

So that was the lie that gave birth to all the lies that followed.  Our proud Confederate citizens who are still seceded claimed that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery.  They say it was only about economics.  Funny…I don’t think they would have had any economics to fight over without the use of slave labor.  Nothing can boost your bottom line better than everybody working for free!

Funny how God allows some of our evil stupidity for just long enough for us to come to experience the consequences.  He sometimes gives us what we want and allows us to come to hate it.  Well, I HATE it! And it’s OK for me to hate it.  If we profess to  love Him, we love what He loves and hate what He hates.  Noone can convince me that He doesn’t hate the way we are living!  I know that He hates the notion of White Supremacy.  He made each one of us in His image; and the idea that one life has more value than  another has to be an abomination to Him.  He hates that we are so self- absorbed that the idea of “the other” can be used to inflame our passions to the point of bigotry, misogyny, and downright hatred.  He hates that our children, and our young people are being slaughtered in the streets and in the schools.  He hates that our elders are being gunned down in grocery stores and synagogues.  He hates that over a million of our citizens have died of a plague that our leaders found inconvenient to acknowledge. He hates that there is food insecurity and homelessness in a country that can spend trillions of dollars on wars.  I could go on and on.

Scripture reminds us that if we know the truth the truth will set us free.  In the land of the free, many are beat down and oppressed.  In the home of the brave, cowardice is rampant in imposters who pose as leaders.  The words in The Constitution sound pretty for the most part; but the implementation stinks to high heaven.  The truth is that they were penned by fallible men who wanted to be free of tyranny while they practiced on those they thought of as “less than”.  That is an evil agenda any way you slice it; and it flies in the face of all that is holy.  So…no more “Christian Nation” talk. Time to tell it like it is.

This sin-sick nation needs a huge dose of truth if it is ever to heal from its self-inflicted wounds.  If the innocents are to escape the judgment looming ahead for those who pretend not o know that self-preservation is not the same as “loving your neighbor as yourself”; then those same people need to stop playing games.

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