The Journey (and the struggle) continues…

Goodbye, 2020!  I wrote an essay for what might  morph into a second book.  The essay was titled, “What Just Happened?”, and spoke of what we may experience when this gut wrenching experience of the year 2020 has passed. Now  I realize that, even though we are approaching the end of this trying year, the challenges of the pandemic and the soul-sickness with which we are afflicted as a nation will continue into the next year. That said, it is apparent to me that we cannot wait until we emerge to take stock of what we have endured.

This pandemic will continue to rage right into 2021; and the relief that will be brought by the vaccine will not take shape until Spring or Summer.  The corrupt and bogus attempt at national leadership will leave byproducts that will take months, probably years to correct and reverse.  The fear ,mistrust, and hatred of the other which has permeated the consciousness of our republic is deeply embedded in our history and character and will hang on for quite a  while.

So in 2021 I offer a suggestion that, although resolutions are good, RESOLVE is much better!  It will take a firm resolve to face the difficult days ahead; but face them we must!  It’s time to steel ourselves for the challenge and put on the whole armor, because spiritual warfare is what we will fight.  The spiritual parallels that we have observed during this period show us that we are wrestling against more than flesh and blood.

So, Christian soldiers, it’s onward for us. Need I say that we must be ready?  How must we prepare?  Transformation of the mind that comes only by the revelation found in the Word is what will give us what we need.  The meat and not the milk is what will fortify us and give us strength for the journey.  Knowledge of the Divine Will as opposed to the Permissive Will of God can guide us as our North Star.

That Will being known, we must also be willing.  Willing to submit to a more excellent way. Willing to undergo and endure the process.  Willing to endure the pain of reversing our ideas and agendas. Willing to make the necessary sacrifices to forsake our proclivity for self-preservation and commit to embracing the common good.  Willing to follow the prescription for our healing that we might become whole.

Those two things accomplished, we will then be able to run the race until the end is in sight. One person, as President, has no possible chance to repair all that has been broken.  We as a collective are broken; and acknowledgement of that fact is essential.  A collective response is required and a collective repentance is the only possible solution.  As individuals, we have a duty to offer ourselves, our spirit and our substance to the collective endeavor.

Ready, willing, and able.  That is what we must be.  Anything less will not allow us to do what God is requiring of us to Heal the Land.  So here’s to 2021.  It won’t be a cake walk. But if we embrace the lessons of 2020, we may find our footing to walk toward a better reality.

It would be terrible to leave this right here without offering something that may give us some RESOLVE to march ahead.  May I offer the words of a song that many of us grew up with:  “We’ve come this far by faith; Leaning on the Lord! Trusting in His Holy Word. He’s never failed me yet. OOOOOO Can’t turn around. We’ve come this far by faith!” Happy New Year to all!

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