It’s Just Not Enough

It’s just not enough! It. Is. Just. Not. Enough! I fought back tears (losing the battle here and there) as I listened to the officers testify regarding what they encountered and suffered on January 6th at the hands of domestic terrorists.  It was gut-wrenching to hear what they endured and continue to endure as a result of the insurrection on that day.  It is galling to realize that they did so in order to save the lives of lawmakers, some of whom refuse to even acknowledge the truth about what happened that day.  These officers, and hundreds more, will carry the physical and emotional scars from that event for the rest of their lives.

It is right that they should be able to express their truth at the beginning of this investigation.  To some degree that might be considered vindication for them.  However, each of them made it abundantly clear that their true desire is to see this investigation result in accountability for not only those who perpetrated it but also those who caused it.  In the words of Officer Harry Dunn, who was attacked and called “Nigger” countless times during the assault:  If a hit man is convicted of a crime and goes to jail, the one who hired him goes to jail, too.  Every one of the officers who testified want this investigation to establish who hired the hit man and to hold them accountable.  Otherwise, it is just not enough…to honor them, to show them gratitude, to let them know we believe their accounts.  It is not enough unless we avenge them by annihilating the threat to democracy that they fought so selflessly on that day.  It is not enough unless we launch a counter-assault on the “big lie” and the big liar(s) who brought it to pass.

Should this investigation point once again to the purveyors of evil who reveled in this outcome, it will reinforce the evidence unveiled in the second impeachment hearing.  It could also bring to light other key players which could include some of the lawmakers who have fought to thwart this investigation.  If they are made to be accountable for their treasonous actions, this would certainly be a victory of sorts.  But even this just is not enough.

There is a bigger lie that is at the foundation of all of this chaos.  Even bigger than the former liar-in-chief could come up with.  His lies are designed for his self-aggrandizement.  The biggest lie is as old as the republic and as big as the 50 states.  It is the lie of American Exceptionalism—a lie that is crafted to elevate white, Christian, heterosexual men, to the exclusion of every one else. Every institution and practice was designed to sustain this lie. White supremacy is at the root of this insidious lie. It has wrapped itself in a fake and funky patriotic garb to disguise its primary purpose.

Matthew Dowd is an ex-Republican who left the party some years ago.  He is a white, Christian, heterosexual male who realizes the fallacy associated with this lie.  He admits that the untruth rests in the failure of some to accept the fact that all men truly are created equal.  I realized as I listened to him talk that the  irony is that the American experiment was begun by men who penned this statement without realizing what it truly meant.

So when this big lie is unearthed and replaced with truths that we should be able to hold as self-evident:   “That all men are created equal; and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights—those being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” then, and only then, will it be ENOUGH!

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