Follow the Cloud!

Follow The Cloud!

When the children of Israel were wandering aimlessly in the wilderness, God was trying to teach them obedience and dependence.  He fed them daily and gave them navigation tools like the sun by day and the cloud by night to order their steps.  Even so, they never made it to the promised land.

Instead of accepting the Manna from Heaven to supply their daily needs, they tried to hoard some for later.  God caused their “leftovers” to rot because they could not trust Him enough to faithfully await provisions for the next day.  Even worse, they were not able to make it to their destination because they were ungrateful, disobedient and stiff-necked.  God allowed their generation to die out before he delivered them.

There is something to be said for refusing to move until you see the signs in the sun or the clouds.  B B King let’s you know it’s no good to “make your move too soon”!  As for me, I try not to move until I see the cloud move;  that works best for me and keeps me from stumbling too much.

I’m saying something here.  I am looking around and wondering if we just might not enjoy a full-fledged victory over this virus because some of us are too stiff-necked to accept the gift of a vaccine.  I wonder if the Manna for today is not enough for many of us. Instead, we want long term assurances about what we can expect in the future (side effects).  Operative word here is FUTURE, for we know that many of those who are now hospitalized with the Delta variant may not HAVE a future.

On the other hand, when the Manna came I doubt that we were supposed to take off like jet planes and declare victory before it was actually won.  I gritted my teeth when I heard the CDC open up everything on an honor system…an honor system that had not been in place throughout the pandemic.  To move ahead gingerly, being led by the cloud could have avoided a lot of confusion and coordinated privilege with progress.

I pray earnestly that the politicians and detractors, the liars and the spreaders of disinformation may not interrupt the showers of our blessings.  May we not just decide to ignore the signs provided for us and sabotage ourselves because we are determined to control “time”.  May we remember that ‘our times are in His hands’ and govern ourselves accordingly!

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