To Whom Much is Given…

To Whom Much Is Given,,,

Today I am pondering the truth found in Scripture that to whom much is given, much is required.  I just listened to a discussion on white privilege and one of the responses was that those who are privileged have a responsibility to give proportionately to those who are not.

About the giving.  Giving takes many forms, not all of which are financial.  It’s a really good thing that this concept does not narrowly refer to income or finances.  If that was the case, I would have nothing to give.  I am not rich but my basic needs are met—with a little discretionary income to boot.  When I think of abundance in my life, money never enters the picture.

But, praise be to God, He has granted me discernment.  He has answered my request to know the truth by enabling me to see the truth I am able to process—reserving some others for my journey to evolve.  I am so grateful for this.  Revelation and clarity are things I desire; and I have grown willing to endure the pain that accompanies them at times.

So if to whom much is given much is required, then I have a charge and an obligation to share the truths that I am able to discern.  It is not always received in the spirit that it is given.  Nevertheless, I am bound to share it.  Some nod in agreement.  Some stop in their tracks to consider.  Some write me off as odd or even crazy.  Some call it wisdom.

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