The Refiner’s Fire

The Refiner’s Fire

As I meditate on the adverse circumstances and challenges experienced both personally and by my family members, classmates, and friends, my mind falls on the Refiner’s Fire.  Travelling through this blaze is uncomfortable at best and immensely painful at its worse. It seems we all have seasons in which we must navigate its heat until it subsides.

Painful, yes.  But beautiful when we consider its purpose.  When our Creator allows these events to come upon us, we quickly presume that their purpose is to show Him strong in our weakness.  While that is true, I offer that there is yet another dimension to our discomfort.  The Refiner’s Fire burns away those things that block and diminish our ability to shine.  Those things which dull our luster—actions, attitudes, dependencies, and yes even our independence.  When they fall away we can emerge from the fire as what we are designed to be—PURE GOLD!  By the way, I am not making this up.  What I am saying is Scriptural.

It is not pleasant to realize that we have to endure the unpleasant in order to develop our spiritual muscles.  It is not possible to remember that all things work together for our good when the good seems far down the road.  It is difficult to remember that He has promised to perfect that which concerns us, especially when we cannot readily see His hand moving in our situation. BUT…that does not negate the truth of His promises.  Nor does it rob us of His intended end.

Take heart and hold on to His reality until the process is complete.  Be of good courage if you can.  If you can’t at least surrender. Remember that this fire is not meant to consume you, but rather to refine you. And when you emerge from the fire, there will be no hint of smoke; and you will shine as pure gold!

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